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Chef José Luis: Culinary Pioneer from Peru to Orlando

Chef José Luis, a Lima native, is the embodiment of a global culinary journey. Starting in the kitchens of his parents in Peru, then broadening his skills in Japan’s Ovento food factories, he honed his culinary abilities further at Cenfotur, a premier culinary school in Peru.

Luis’s culinary voyage didn’t stop there. It continued across Europe, namely Barcelona’s renowned Vela hotel and kitchens in Holland, Luxembourg, and Germany, giving his cooking style a unique blend of Peruvian, Mediterranean, and Asian flavors.

In 2022, he brought his diverse gastronomic experiences to the United States, opening Más Naki in Orlando, Florida. The name “Más Naki,” Peruvian slang for “there is nothing better than…”, represents the mission of his restaurant: to showcase the magnificence of Peruvian cuisine to American food enthusiasts.

Chef Luis invites you to Más Naki to enjoy the fusion of flavors that reflect his journey and passion for Peruvian cuisine.


Peru on a Plate: Tradition Meets Flavor

Our dishes celebrate the rich flavors of Peruvian cuisine. Peak-season produce, sustainably-sourced proteins, and ancient grains, all combine harmoniously through traditional handmade processes. This patient crafting amplifies each ingredient’s essence, creating a culinary experience where Peruvian tradition and natural flavor meet. Enjoy a sensory journey that embraces the heart of Peru in every bite.

Peruvian Delights

Orlando’s Premier Peruvian Catering Service

Where the authentic flavors of Peru meet the heart of Orlando! We are more than just a catering service; we are an experience, bringing the rich culinary tapestry of Peru to your table. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply looking to elevate your dining experience, we promise a journey of flavors straight from the heart of South America to the bustling neighborhoods of Orlando.

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18 N Dollins Ave, Orlando, FL 32805

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18 N Dollins Ave, Orlando, FL 32805